A Companion to Herman Melville

A Companion to Herman Melville

Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture 1. Aufl.

von: Wyn Kelley

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In a series of 35 original essays, this companion demonstrates the relevance of Melville’s works in the twenty-first century. Presents 35 original essays by scholars from around the world, representing a range of different approaches to Melville Considers Melville in a global context, and looks at the impact of global economies and technologies on the way people read Melville Takes account of the latest and most sophisticated scholarship, including postcolonial and feminist perspectives Locates Melville in his cultural milieu, revising our views of his politics on race, gender and democracy Reveals Melville as a more contemporary writer than his critics have sometimes assumed
List of Illustrations xi Notes on Contributors xii Acknowledgments xx Texts and Abbreviations xxi PrefaceWyn Kelley xxiii Part I Travels 1 1 A Traveling LifeLaurie Robertson-Lorant 3 2 Cosmopolitanism and Traveling CulturePeter Gibian 19 3 Melville's World ReadersA. Robert Lee 35 4 Global MelvillePaul Lyons 52 Part II Geographies 69 5 Science and the EarthBruce A. Harvey 71 6 Ships, Whaling, and the SeaMary K. Bercaw Edwards 83 7 Pacific ParadisesAlex Calder 98 8 Atlantic TradeHester Blum 113 9 Ancient LandsBasem L. Ra'ad 129 Part III Nations 147 10 Democracy and its DiscontentsDennis Berthold 149 11 Urbanization, Class Struggle, and ReformCarol Colatrella 165 12 Wicked Books: Melville and ReligionHilton Obenzinger 181 13 Pierre's Bad Associations: Public Life in the Institutional NationChristopher Castiglia 197 14 Melville, Slavery, and the American DilemmaJohn Stauffer 214 15 Gender and SexualityLeland S. Person 231 Part IV Libraries 247 16 The Legacy of BritainRobin Grey 249 17 Romantic Philosophy, Transcendentalism, and NatureRachela Permenter 266 18 Literature of Exploration and the SeaR. D. Madison 282 19 Death and Literature: Melville and the EpitaphEdgar A. Dryden 299 20 The Company of Women AuthorsCharlene Avallone 313 21 Hawthorne and RaceEllen Weinauer 327 22 "Unlike Things Must Meet and Mate": Melville and the Visual ArtsRobert K. Wallace 342 Part V Texts 363 23 The Motive for Metaphor: Typee, Omoo, and MardiGeoffrey Sanborn 365 24 Artist at Work: Redburn, White-Jacket, Moby-Dick, and PierreCindy Weinstein 378 25 The Language of Moby-Dick: "Read It If You Can"Maurice S. Lee 393 26 Threading the Labyrinth: Moby-Dick as Hybrid EpicChristopher Sten 408 27 The Female Subject in Pierre and The Piazza TalesCaroline Levander 423 28 Narrative Shock in "Bartleby, the Scrivener," "The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids," and "Benito Cereno"Marvin Fisher 435 29 Fluid Identity in Israel Potter and The Confidence-ManGale Temple 451 30 How Clarel WorksSamuel Otter 467 31 Melville the Realist PoetElizabeth Renker 482 32 Melville's Transhistorical Voice: Billy Budd, Sailor and the Fragmentation of FormsJohn Wenke 497 Part VI Meanings 513 33 The Melville RevivalSanford E. Marovitz 515 34 Creating Icons: Melville in Visual Media and Popular CultureElizabeth Schultz 532 35 The Melville TextJohn Bryant 553 Index 567
“As a guide to various perspectives on American literary studies at the start of the second decade of the twenty-first century, it has its value.”—(Reference Reviews, 1 December 2012)
Wyn Kelley is Senior Lecturer in the Literature Faculty at MIT. The author of Melville’s City: Literary and Urban Form in Nineteenth-Century New York (1996) and A Short Guide to Herman Melville (Blackwell Publishing, 2008), she is also Associate Editor of the Melville Electronic Library.
A Companion to Herman Melville is the ideal resource for twenty-first century readers of Melville. In 35 original essays by scholars from around the world, it demonstrates the relevance of Melville to life today, not only as an American or Western writer, , but also as an author who bridges racial, cultural, national and geographic divides to imagine a universe that is as rich and capacious as his worldwide readership. This is the first companion to consider Melville in a global context, and to look at the impact of global economies and technologies on the ways people read his works. In addition, it locates Melville in his cultural milieu – revising previous romantic views of his politics on race, gender, and democracy. Seen in this light, Melville is also revealed as a more contemporary writer than his readers have sometimes assumed.
"This book does not focus on one particular Melville book, short story, or poem but instead offers a new examination of the latest in Melville criticism...These fine essays advance Melville scholarship for the 21st century."—Choice “A beautifully produced substantial volume.”—Reference Reviews

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