A Companion to Aristotle

A Companion to Aristotle

Blackwell Companions to Philosophy, Band 84 1. Aufl.

von: Georgios Anagnostopoulos

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Veröffentl.: 11.02.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9781444305678
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The Blackwell Companion to Aristotle provides in-depth studies of the main themes of Aristotle's thought, from art to zoology.The most comprehensive single volume survey of the life and work of AristotleComprised of 40 newly commissioned essays from leading expertsCoves the full range of Aristotle's work, from his 'theoretical' inquiries into metaphysics, physics, psychology, and biology, to the practical and productive "sciences" such as ethics, politics, rhetoric, and art
Notes on Contributors xiPreface xviAbbreviations of Aristotle’s Works xviiiPart I ARISTOTLE’S LIFE AND WORKS 11 Aristotle’s Life 3GEORGIOS ANAGNOSTOPOULOS2 Aristotle’s Works and the Development of His Thought 14GEORGIOS ANAGNOSTOPOULOSPart II THE TOOLS OF INQUIRY 293 Deductive Logic 31DAVID KEYT4 Aristotle’s Theory of Demonstration 51ROBIN SMITH5 Empiricism and the First Principles of Aristotelian Science 66MICHAEL FEREJOHN6 Aristotle on Signification and Truth 81PAOLO CRIVELLI7 Aristotle’s Methods 101GEORGIOS ANAGNOSTOPOULOSPart III THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE 123A. Metaphysics8 The Science and Axioms of Being 125MICHAEL V. WEDIN9 Aristotelian Categories 144GARETH B. MATTHEWS10 Form and Matter 162FRANK A. LEWIS11 Aristotle on Universals 186MICHAEL J. LOUX12 Substances 197S. MARC COHEN13 Causes 213R. J. HANKINSON14 Heavenly Bodies and First Causes 230SARAH BROADIEB. Physics15 Mixing the Elements 242THEODORE SCALTSAS16 Aristotle on the Infi nite, Space, and Time 260MICHAEL J. WHITE17 Change and Its Relation to Actuality and Potentiality 277URSULA COOPEC. Psychology18 The Aristotelian Psuchê 292CHRISTOPHER SHIELDS19 Sensation and Desire 310DEBORAH KAREN WARD MODRAK20 Phantasia and Thought 322VICTOR CASTOND. Biology21 Teleology in Living Things 335MOHAN MATTHEN22 Form, Essence, and Explanation in Aristotle’s Biology 348JAMES G. LENNOX23 Generation of Animals 368DEVIN M. HENRYPart IV PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE 385A. Ethics24 Happiness and the Structure of Ends 387GABRIEL RICHARDSON LEAR25 Pleasure 404GEORGE RUDEBUSCH26 Human Excellence in Character and Intellect 419GAVIN LAWRENCE27 Courage 442CHARLES M. YOUNG28 Justice 457CHARLES M. YOUNG29 Friendship 471MICHAEL PAKALUK30 Voluntary, Involuntary, and Choice 483ROBERT HEINAMAN31 Aristotle on Action, Practical Reason, and Weakness of the Will 498NORMAN O. DAHLB. Politics32 The Naturalness of the Polis in Aristotle 512C. D. C. REEVE33 Rulers and Ruled 526ROBERT MAYHEW34 Aristotle on the Ideal Constitution 540FRED D. MILLER, JR.35 Excellences of the Citizen and of the Individual 555JEAN ROBERTS36 Education and the State 566RICHARD STALLEYPart V PRODUCTIVE KNOWLEDGE 577A. Rhetoric37 The Nature and Goals of Rhetoric 579CHRISTOF RAPP38 Passions and Persuasion 597STEPHEN LEIGHTONB. Art39 Aristotle’s Poetics: The Aim of Tragedy 612PAUL WOODRUFF40 The Elements of Tragedy 628ELIZABETH BELFIOREIndex 643
"Georgios Anagnostopolous is to be congratulated on completing what must have been a time-consuming and exacting task. Even those few essays in this volume that might (arguably) lack the sure and effortless touch contain solid and respectable contributions and the bar has been set pretty high by most of these authors." (Bryn Mawr, 2010)"This companion will be a useful resource for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as scholars." (CHOICE, 2009)
Georgios Anagnostopoulos is Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, San Diego, where he teaches classical philosophy, ethics and metaphysics. His research has focused on Greek ethics and epistemology and ancient views on the arts and sciences, especially medicine. He is the author of Aristotle on the Goals and Exactness of Ethics (1994).
A Companion to Aristotle provides in-depth studies of the main themes of Aristotle's thought, from art to zoology. Comprising a total of forty essays, it includes sections on his views on metaphysics, psychology, biology, ethics, politics, rhetoric, and art. Written by well-known scholars of the Aristotelian corpus, these essays not only articulate the most widely accepted accounts of Aristotle's views on certain topics and the assumptions and arguments used to support them, but also offer new ways of reading controversial texts and analyzing complex arguments that lead to original ways of interpreting his writings. Thus the volume provides a comprehensive picture of the central tenets of the complex Aristotelian philosophical system and will assist the reader in seeing the structure of the philosopher's arguments and the different ways they can be analyzed or interpreted.This Companion will be an excellent aid both to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to scholars and general readers of the Aristotelian texts.
"This is a superb collection of state of the art essays by many of the leading ancient philosophers working today. Its high quality and impressive comprehensiveness make it an invaluable resource for specialists and non-specialists alike."–Chris Bobonich, Stanford University"This is an excellent set of new essays by a who's who of Aristotelian scholars. It covers all the central areas of Aristotle's voluminous research, and should be a worthwhile companion for anyone interested in Aristotle."–Paula Gottlieb, University of Wisconsin

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