A Companion to American Literature and Culture

A Companion to American Literature and Culture

Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture 1. Aufl.

von: Paul Lauter

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Veröffentl.: 12.02.2010
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This expansive Companion offers a set of fresh perspectives on the wealth of texts produced in and around what is now the United States. * Highlights the diverse voices that constitute American literature, embracing oral traditions, slave narratives, regional writing, literature of the environment, and more * Demonstrates that American literature was multicultural before Europeans arrived on the continent, and even more so thereafter * Offers three distinct paradigms for thinking about American literature, focusing on: genealogies of American literary study; writers and issues; and contemporary theories and practices * Enables students and researchers to generate richer, more varied and more comprehensive readings of American literature
List of Contributors xi Introduction 1 Paul Lauter Part A Genealogies of American Literary Study 7 1 The Emergence of the Literatures of the United States 9 Emory Elliott 2 Politics, Sentiment, and Literature in Nineteenth-Century America 26 John Carlos Rowe 3 Making It New: Constructions of Modernism 40 Carla Kaplan 4 Academicizing “American Literature” 57 Elizabeth Renker 5 Cold War and Culture War 72 Christopher Newfield 6 Re-Historicizing Literature 96 T.V. Reed 7 Multiculturalism and Forging New Canons 110 Shelley Streeby Part B Writers and Issues 123 8 Indigenous Oral Traditions of North America, Then and Now 125 Lisa Brooks (Abenaki) 9 The New Worlds and the Old: Transatlantic Politics of Conversion 143 Susan Castillo and Ivy Schweitzer 10 Unspeakable Fears: Politics and Style in the Enlightenment 160 Frank Shuffelton 11 Slave Narrative and Captivity Narrative: American Genres 179 Gordon M. Sayre 12 The Early Republic: Forms and Readers 192 Trish Loughran 13 “Indians” Constructed and Speaking 206 Scott Richard Lyons 14 Sentiment and Style 221 Tara Penry 15 Transcendental Politics 237 Paul Lauter 16 Melville, Whitman, and the Tribulations of Democracy 250 Betsy Erkkila 17 Emily Dickinson and Her Peers 284 Paula Bernat Bennett 18 Race and Literary Politics 316 Frances Smith Foster and Cassandra Jackson 19 American Regionalism 328 Susan K. Harris 20 Magazines and Fictions 339 Ellen Gruber Garvey 21 Realism and Victorian Protestantism in African American Literature 354 Phillip M. Richards 22 The Maturation of American Fictions 364 Gary Scharnhorst 23 Making It New: Constructions of Modernisms 377 Heinz Ickstadt 24 Wests, Westerns, Westerners 394 Martha Viehmann 25 The Early Modern Writers of the US South 410 John Lowe 26 Writers on the Left 427 Alan Wald 27 From Objectivism to the Haight 441 Charles Molesworth 28 New Aestheticisms: the Artfulness of Art 458 Stephen Burt 29 Drama in American Culture 478 Brenda Murphy Part C Contemporary Theories and Practices 491 30 Constructions of “Ethnicity” and “Diasporas” 493 Aviva Taubenfeld 31 Narrating Terror and Trauma: Racial Formations and “Homeland Security” in Ethnic American Literature 508 Shirley Geok-lin Lim 32 Feminisms and Literatures 528 Deborah S. Rosenfelt 33 Blackness/Whiteness 563 James Smethurst 34 Borderlands: Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, and Hybridity 576 Ana Maria Manzanas and Jesús Benito Sánchez 35 Literature-and-Environment Studies and the Influence of the Environmental Justice Movement 593 Joni Adamson 36 Endowed by Their Creator: Queer American Literature 608 David Bergman 37 Contemporary Native American Fiction as Resistance Literature 622 Arnold Krupat and Michael A. Elliott 38 From Virgin Land to Ground Zero: Interrogating the Mythological Foundations of the Master Fiction of the Homeland Security State 637 Donald Pease Afterword 655 Paul Lauter Index 657
"I believe this book is well worth dipping into. It is, I suggest, a volume of solid scholarship that should have a significant impact in what is already a quite crowded publishing area. It is highly recommended, if only for the reason that—as Lauter explains—'the literatures of this America illuminate as nothing else has done the aspirations, the contradictions, the dangers and possibilities of this society'" (M/C Reviews, November 2010)
Paul Lauter is Allan K. and Gwendolyn Miles Smith Professor of Literature at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He has served as President of the American Studies Association (of the United States), and he is General Editor of the groundbreaking Heath Anthology of American Literature, now in its sixth edition.
This expansive Companion to American Literature provides a set of fresh perspectives, some related, some dissonant, on the wealth of texts produced in and around what is now the United States. Written by experts in the field, the Companion embraces the many different voices that constitute American literature, from slave narratives and oral tales to regional writing and literature of the environment. It demonstrates that American literature was multicultural before Europeans arrived on the continent, and even more so thereafter. The three sections of the book offer three distinctive paradigms for thinking about American literature. The first section draws attention to the ways in which American literature has been constructed and studied at differing moments and by different groups of people. The second looks at the literary production of individual authors and at groups of writers who interacted with one another. The final section examines the interactions between contemporary forms of creative expression and the theories that inform and are, in turn, shaped by such writing.

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